Graphicom Digital

Commercial, Packaging, and Online Internet Printing

Graphicom is a high quality, full service, print provider servicing the Commercial Trade and Packaging Trade in the Los Angeles and Orange County markets. Our Online Internet "gang run" style services routinely ship through out most of the United States.

Celebrating 33 years

Founded in 1980, we continue a strong tradition in high quality, on time printing together with excellent and responsive customer service.

Craftsmanship in the Electronic Age

Coming up from the "old school" of printing we have the background knowledge and experience to successfully navigate today's challenges. Mechanical art boards with ruby overlays sent to us via FedEx™ to be shot on a process camera and then stripped and plated have given way to digital files transmitted via the Internet to be assembled with software and output directly via computer to plate. The process has changed, but what remains constant is our mastery of our work flow and a critical eye towards the final result.



Our prepress proofs to calibrated Epson™ printers and outputs to a Kodak/Creo Trendsetter computer to plate (CTP) system.

Our pressroom runs 2 printing presses. The first is a 40-inch, 6-color plus coater, MAN Roland 700. Secondly, we also print on a 5-color, 28-inch Heidelberg Speedmaster.

Our bindery features 2 Sakuri UV screen coaters, 3 Wohlenberg guillotine cutters, a Stahl folder, and round corner, drilling, and shrink wrapping services.